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Friday, September 9, 2011

Origin of Jambi City II

The bad-faced king agreed to fill her requirement. He asked his troops to gather immediately. When sun had set, they started to build the palace. At midnight, their job to build the palace almost fibished. Now, the job left was to build the beautiful garden.

Ripe areca nut princess was very afraid.
All bight long, she could not sleep tightly. She looked for a way to defeat the king's effort. After that, she went to the chicken coop and brought several bright lamps. Those chickens assumed that the sun had risen. they crowd and called back and forth. Because of the crowd, the king asked his troops to stop their jobs shorthly.

"Why we must stop this job, Your Majesty? Our job is almost finished and the sun has not risen yet," the troops said.
"But, the crowds of chickens have heard. That's my promise to the princess. As a knight, I must be consistent with my promise," the King said.

All of the troops stopped their job at that moment. Therfore, he gave all of his wealth to the ripe areca nut princess. The king was very sad and his heart had broken because he had failed to suit the beautiful princess. He even became impoverished.
However, by realizing the king's sincerity and honesty, ripe areca nut princess changed her words. She finally accepted the king's married proposal to her.

"Sincerity, honesty, and consistency of You Majesty make me accepted Your Majesty's married proposal," ripe areca nut princess said. The bad-faced king was very aghast, he did not believe with the princess statement.
Because of his happiness, the bad-faced King jumped down to the swimming pool he had made.

His face changed to be handsome at that time. In the end, ripe areca nut princess married to the king and lived happily. The region where the princess had lived called areca nut country. Areca nut in Javanese was Jambe. the Kings in Java Island called it Jambi City and now it becomes Jambi Province.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Origin of Jambi City

A long time ago, there was a good-looking girl. She had white and reddish skin like ripe areca nut color. The people there called it ripe areca nut princess. His beauty spread everywhere in that country. So many boys come to suit her, but the ripe areca nut princess did not intend to get married with any one.

The beauty of ripe areca nut princess was also heard by bad-faced King in Java Island. The king was well-known as strong, rich, and respected King. The bad-faced King had a very wide territory under his authority, but he was still single. He came to suit ripe areca nut princess after hearing that she was very pretty.

The ripe areca nut princess was very confused, if she refused him, he would be very angry and the war would be happened. In the other hand, she did not want to be bad-faced king's wife. Afterwards, the princess sought a way to defeat his marriage proposal.

Finally, she answered,
"I am agree to be your wife if you build me a big palace completed with household furnishing, swimming pool, and beautifull garden in one night.
She gave him time from the sunset until the sunrise the day after. If you fail, you will not get married with me and you have to give me all of your wealth."

To be continued...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Princess Niwerigading Folktale Nangro Aceh Darussalam II

The story of the empress and his son's wealth into the ears of the Viceroy.
One day, the Viceroy Amat Mude summoned to the palace. He ordered Amat Mude to pluck coconuts ivory to treat the Viceroy's wife on an island located in the middle of the sea. That said, the seas around the island was inhabited by wild animals. Anyone passing through the ocean must have hurt.

Viceroy Amat Mude threatening if not successful, he will be sentenced to death. But Amat Mude not concerned with the threat. His intention sincere about helping the wife of the Viceroy. He immediately left the palace.
Arriving at the beach, he sat. Suddenly appeared in front of a large fish named Si Lenggang Raye, accompanied by King crocodile and a large dragon.

Long story short, Amat Mude has found ivory palm tree with the help of Si Lenggang Raye, King Crocodile and a dragon. Next Amat Mude climb trees. While I was picking coconuts ivory, suddenly heard the voice of a woman.
"Anyone who managed to pluck coconuts ivory, he would become my husband."
"Who engakau," said Amat Mude.
"I Niwer Ivory Princess," replied the voice from under the coconut trees.

Mude very quickly pluck coconuts ivory. Having descended from the top of coconut trees, was surprised to see beauty Amat Mude Niwer Princess Ivory. Mude Amat was finally invited the princess went home to dipersunting. After marriage, Amat Mude and his wife and his mother went to the palace to hand over ivory coconuts.

The arrival of the Viceroy Amat Mude makes surprise. People who made it through obstacles in the haunted island must have been a powerful man. he did not want to play games anymore. Now no reason to condemn to death his nephew.
Finally King Mude aware of his mistake. He apologizes to the empress and Amat Mude. A few days later crowned King Amat Mude State Alas.

When a disaster occurs, it takes patience and fortitude. And by working hard, we will arrive at the fate of improvement as expected.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Princess Niwerigading Folktale Nangro Aceh Darussalam

The story, first in the State of Alas, in the county Nangro Aceh Darussalam, there was a wise king and loved by his people. He ruled with a wise and prudent. Daily thoughts devoted to advancing the prosperity of the country and its people.

Unfortunately the king had no son. They were sad, and upon the advice of smart people, the king and the empress then diligently pray while fasting. A few months later empress contain. After reaching the time, the empress gave birth to a boy who later named Amat Mude.

Less than a year old Amat Mude, his father died. Because Amat Mude was a baby, then the younger brother of the king or his uncle was appointed to be king while. Pak Cik was named Viceroy. Once appointed to be king, he would be ruthless to Amat Mude and his mother.
They were exiled to a remote jungle. Viceroy wanted complete control of the kingdom actually be right Amat Mude.

Although far removed from the palace, the empress did not complain. He received the ordeal with patience and fortitude. He exaggerated Amat Mude with great affection. Year after year passed, imperceptibly Very young children who grow up to be intelligent and handsome. Mude very like fishing in a river. One day, the empress and Amat Mude went to a village on the edge of the woods to sell the fish. Unexpectedly, he met with a wealthy merchant. Apparently she had her husband's best friend.

"Why did Princess and Crown Prince are in this place," asked the astonished merchant.
Empress tells all the events that had happened. Hearing this, the merchant immediately invited them to his house and buy all the fish. Arriving home, the merchant told his wife to cook the fish. When it was cutting the fish belly, his wife was surprised because of the belly of the fish out of fish eggs in the form of pure gold. Then, the grains of gold were sold into the market by the merchant's wife. The money, he used to build a house empress and her son. Since then, the empress and Amat Mude has become rich thanks to the golden eggs of the fish.

to be continued..

Monday, August 29, 2011


Although the preface is too late to be written, but it never hurts to give a little description of the author about the beginnings of this blog is created.

In this era of super-sophisticated, older people who would advise his son would think seven times. Messages and advice is easily delivered, particularly if delivered only orally. But the effectiveness of the message and the advice that we do not know.

Message about morals, about the importance of doing good, the importance of filial to parents, preserve the environment, to serve the nation and state, the importance of respecting the opinions of others, will more easily conveyed through stories. There are many stories, there are fairy tales, fables, myths, epics, legends and others.

Indonesia formerly known as the Archipelago has thousands of folklore. Not only every province, even each county and township have good folklore.

Folklore, especially related to fairy tales and legends, of course not the same as history. In fairy tales and legends there are things that make no sense, for example Sangkuriang capable of creating Tangkuban Perahu mountain. Parents herus explained that it was just a fable. While there are historical actors and events in a definite and actual chronological events.

Fairy tales and legends there are many who do not make sense, but the moral message contained in them should be exemplary. That a child who rebel against their parents will get hurt. That evil will eventually be crushed and defeated by goodness, this is an important element that should be known by the children of Indonesia, even the children of the world.